Experience with joy shopping at Shalala, a mobile application software available both on Android and Apple mobile device. The premise for Shalala’s creation was to ease the process of purchasing scarf/ hijab, hijab related products, and Muslim prayer attire. The founders wanted to provide for women around the world the ease of selecting their beautiful pieces from different brands and countries at the convenience of their mobile phones under one umbrella, Shalala. Not forgetting the men, we have a wide range of prayer attire and prayer related products to choose from.

We provide dexterity and deftness when purchasing hijabs/scarves, hijab related products or Muslim prayer attire by accumulating hijab/scarf, hijab related products, and Muslim prayer attire brands ranging from boutique names to renowned brands. Our special feature provides the users with a virtual changing room whereby with a selfie, one could fit and view her look without having to leave the comfort of one's home. Shalala also provides a feature of scanning a chosen item and the application will list out products of similar items from other brands.

Shalala aspires to ease the job of buyers by placing all these brands on its application and with this intention, we hope to reach our buyers from all walks of life, across continents, near and far, urban and rural as one does not need to travel to physically be at the store.

Join us to empower women specifically and the ummah generally by providing them with an experience unique to Shalala.

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51, Jalan 2/64, Off Jalan Ipoh,
50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +60123722309


Who We AreAbout

Co-founder and CEO of Chantek Legacy Sdn Bhd, Laudya Cynthia Bella needs no introduction. A star, a household name in Indonesia and an entrepreneur at heart, Laudya has launched an online shopping destination, Shalala for Muslimah far and wide.

Shalala offers a wide selection of brands on Muslims related products such as hijab for the Muslimah, modest wear, Muslims’ prayer-related products and a whole host of other enlightening and inspirational segments uniquely featured on Shalala application.

For Shalala, modesty is not about hiding one’s beauty with tight cloths. It is how one handles one’s beauty for the sake of God. Download our application and experience the journey uniquely to Shalala.

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